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There are many different types of monuments and memorials and oftentimes people become confused with all of the possible choices. To help you understand the differences between the various definitions, here are brief descriptions of the more common types of monuments:

Standard Marker
This is the format currently required by many cemeteries because of the ease it lends to the landscaping process. Also known simply as a grass marker, this type of memorial lies flat and is placed flush with the surrounding ground. These markers come in a variety of sizes and can be customized by our master craftsmen.

Standard Marker

Bevel Marker
Similar to the standard marker, the bevel version is slightly raised above the ground and is often placed upon a small foundation. The above ground portion is usually trapezoidal in shape, meaning that the face lies at a slight downward angle. Like the standard marker, these memorials come in various sizes and are customizable. Be sure to check with your cemetery regarding their regulations concerning bevel markers.

Beveled Marker

Monuments and Statuary
These types of memorials are larger and more elaborate. Consequently, obtaining clearance from a cemetery for their placement can be difficult. For instance, most cemeteries require at least eight plots for a family name monument to be placed. These memorials come in a wide array of formats, shapes and sizes.

Granite Monuments
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