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Immediately after the passing of a loved one, many people are confused and need some guidance when it comes to the pending arrangements. At Schemansky Sons Monuments, we encounter customers who often have very similar concerns on their minds. Below are some common questions many customers have along with their corresponding answers:

Q: Do you do custom engravings?
A: We certainly do. If you need a headstone or monument with a design of any kind, our experienced artisans and craftsmen can produce a creation that bears the mark of that which your loved one cherished.
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Q: Do you do your own work?
A: Yes. All of work is done in-house, here in Detroit under the supervision of the trusted Schemansky name.

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Q: Can I purchase a monument during the winter months?
A: Definitely. Because many cemeteries do not place headstones and monuments during the cold winter months, many people assume that such stones cannot be ordered until spring. At Schemansky Sons Monuments, we are open year round and can meet your needs regardless of the season. In fact, we encourage you to place your order during the winter months if you need to in order to avoid the backlog associated with the busier spring and summer seasons.

Q: Can you produce duplications of other monuments?
A: Yes. If you need a duplication of a monument (such as instances where someone wants a duplication of their spouse's stone for themselves), we can accommodate your needs with little or no extra charge.

If you would like to know more or have inquiries about any of our offerings, feel free to contact us online or by telephone at (313) 365-5390.

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